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taeyang_quarter's Journal

TQ: Taeyang Quarterly
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This contest is for male dolls made by Jun planning: Namus, Taeyangs, and hybrids only! It's time for the boys now ;).


1. For every challenge, each entry will be given a score out of 30-this breaks down to scores out of 10 based on three criteria:

Suitability to theme (how well it fits the theme)
Overall presentation


The score for originality depends on the idea itself, and on the occurrence of said idea in each particular challenge.

Suitability to the theme relates to how well the idea meets the challenge, as well as how well the picture represents the idea.

Overall presentation is based on everything else not scored in the other two categories (composition, presentation, picture quality, etc).

Contestants with the lowest scores do not move onto the next round.

Scoring in this contest is cumulative-scores from previous rounds count. Scores are private and are not discussed.


For the final round, the winner is chosen by public voting. Judges will give their score as always-the person with the highest cumulative score will receive 5 votes in addition to the ones received by the community.

The judging panel will be different for each round-for this round the judges are as follows:


2. Each round consists of 5 challenges lasting one week (5 days to submit the entry, 2 days for judging). The full schedule is posted at the start of each round showing all relevant timelines.

Some challenges will have special instructions; others will have no instruction at all.

Taeyang Quarterly only runs once a year.


1. Namus, taeyangs, hybrid pullips, hybrid dals, and hybrid byuls are the only dolls allowed (the latter three become hybrids when placed on male bodies).
2. Each contestant can only enter one doll.
3. No alteration to contestants during the contest (body swapping, repainting, wig changing, etc are not allowed).
4. Entries must meet the following requirements:

-Minimum size 300X300, maximum size 650X650
-JPEG format only
-No heavy photoshop alterations-using brushes, special effects, text, and any other additions are not permitted. Adjustments such as brightness/contrast/sharpening etc. are fine. To be clear: You may not use photoshop to add in new elements-just to bring out existing ones.

Watermarks and borders are fine, but may affect scores if they detract from the picture.

There are no restrictions regarding content/subject matter.

5. Contestants that don't meet the requirements or deadlines are disqualified, so please read the descriptions for each challenge carefully.

This contest is run by lovehaze and sponsored by Pullipstyle, Ambitious Love, and StarxCrossed.

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

This contest is heavily based on pullip_fabulous-thank you to florellea for allowing a similar format to be used.

TQ:  Taeyang Quarterly. Get yours at bighugelabs.com