August 6th, 2009

Taeyang Quarterly

TQ: ROUND 3 - Challenge 3

For this challenge, you will recreate a scene from a fairy tale of your choice. It can not be a straight retelling-it must have some sort of twist not found in the original story (humorous, or interesting otherwise).

To clarify, you're not allowed to use fairy tales written by named authors-only the 'traditional' sort of tales that have been passed down throughout generations.

Something like Hans Christian Andersen's tales wouldn't be allowed, whereas Brothers Grimm stories would. This is because the Grimm stories weren't written by them-only existing tales collected by them.

Please ask if you need clarification! Some points have already been addressed in the comments.

Entries are due before midnight, August 10rd (EST).

Please send your entries to with your photo as an attachment-due to concerns about image quality, you may also submit your entry as a link instead.

The following information must be included:

Contestant's name:
Fairy Tale:

Please make sure your photo adheres to the rules, as it will not be accepted otherwise.

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Entries will be posted on August 11th, and judging will being immediately: only 15 out of 25 contestants will make it to the next round.