July 13th, 2009

Taeyang Quarterly

TQ: ROUND 3 begins!

Taeyang Quarterly is back! Thank you to everyone who made the last round a success.

Please read the info to once again familiarize yourselves with the rules and guidelines of this contest.

Judges for this round:


Plus our special guest judge, ROUND 2 winner, little_joni!

TQ now has a group on Flickr-feel free to add your photos!

TQ:  Taeyang Quarterly. Get yours at bighugelabs.com


For this round, the lucky winner will receive prizes from the following sponsors:

Pullipstyle: Bremen Town Musicians Donkey, Queen of Hearts, or March Hare.

Ambitious Love: A OOAK outfit designed especially for the contest! Check out the site to see what to expect.

StarxCrossed: One basic/regular/unhemmed/side parted fur wig in any colour.

Thank you to our generous sponsors!


Taeyang Quarterly

TQ: ROUND 3 - Accepting contestants!

Contestants will be accepted from Monday, July 13, until Wednesday, July 22 (midnight, EST).

Entries must include the following:

Username: (please mention if it isn't a LJ username)
Contestant's name:

Photos will not be judged, but they must still meet the requirements outlined in rule number 4. You do not have to take a new photo for this.

Please send your entries to lovehaze@hotmail.com with your photo as an attachment.

Due to time restraints, I do not personally notify you once your entry has been received-if you would like confirmation, please comment in this post after sending your submission. This post will be updated with entries as I receive them.

You do not need a livejournal account to participate; however, only members of this community will be able to vote in the final challenge.

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