November 22nd, 2007


TQ: ROUND 1 - Challenge 3

For this challenge, your photo will showcase the emotion of your choice.

Entries are due before midnight, November 26th (EST).

Please send your entries to with your photo as an attachment. The following information must be included:

Contestant's name:

Please make sure your photo adheres to the rules, as it will not be accepted otherwise.

You may also wish to familiar yourself with the judging criteria: it is half way through the contest, and it could literally be anyone's game. Half of the scores are within 10 points of each other; everything can change in these last two rounds before the final. I encourage you all to try your best :). The scoring criteria has been further explained in the info.

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Entries will be posted on November 27th, and judging will being immediately: only 10 out of 20 contestants will make it to the next round.