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TQ: ROUND 3 - Challenge 3 entries!

Results will be posted on August 13th, as will the next challenge: only 15 out of 23 contestants will make it to the fourth challenge!

1. Username: blaireflair
Contestant's name: Crete
Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood
Scene: where little red gets eaten

2. Username: plastiqphantasy
Contestant's name: Dakota
Fairy Tale: Snow White
Scene: [...] It happened, however, that a king's son came into the forest [...] He saw the coffin on the mountain, and the beautiful Snow White within it [...]. Then he said to the dwarfs, let me have the coffin, I will give you whatever you want for it. But the dwarfs answered, we will not part with it for all the gold in the world. Then he said, let me have it as a gift, for I cannot live without seeing Snow White. I will honor and prize her as my dearest possession. [...] The good dwarfs took pity upon him, and gave him the coffin. As the prince gazed down upon Snow White's beauty, he felt compelled to kiss her cold, blood red lips. Slowly her head turned to face him, and the prince drew back in terror. The beautiful undead maiden slowly dragged herself upright, and looking around, the prince now saw pieces of several unlucky dismembered dwarfs. He supposed it served him right for being so enamored with a dead girl. Snow White and the prince lived happily ever after. Till she ate his brains. The End.

3. Username: Christopher Fritz
Contestant's name: Daniel MacGuinness
Fairy Tale: The Elves and the Shoemaker
Scene: The shoemaker decided to stay up late, so that he may learn how the
material he set out nightly would become shoes by morning. He watched as four
little elves sneaked into his home under the cover of darkness---and then he
promptly called the police to take care of the intruders. From that day on,
the shoes were no longer finished each morning.

4. Username: fancylala143
Contestant's name: Kagami
Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Scene: ..he (the prince) went to the tower and cried, "rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair". But Rapunzel's hair wasn't long enough so she decided to cut her hair to give the prince what he is asking for.

5. Username: nuwandalice
Contestant's name: Pip
Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Scene: In which Prince Pip creeps out in the dead of night to rescue the beautiful Pullip Princess from the tower in which she is imprisoned, and is met with a nasty surprise...
"Rapunzel! Rapunzel! Let down your - ... pull string?!?! She... she's a Blythe?!"

6. Username: yukittie
Contestant's name: Damien
Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Scene: The king's son wants to climb up by using her hair to meet Rapunzel for the first time.
Quote: "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair! Immediatly the hair fell down and the king's son tried climbing up but Rapunzel who didnt expect a man climbing up her hair couldn't carry his weight and fell down out of the tower"

7. Username: nightfallsdolls
Contestant's name: Kei
Fairy Tale: The 3 Little Pigs
Mr Wolf: "Little Pigs, little pigs, let me in! ...For I
am just an old peasant, and I have some lovely red apples that I would
be happy to share with you..."
Pig 1: "Dude, that's the *wrong fairy tale*! This isn't Snow White!"
Pig 2: "Besides, do we seem like healthy eaters to you?"

8. Username: runawaydolly
Contestant's name: Lucian
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Scene: At the stroke of midnight, Cinderella fled from the castle.
She hastened down a flight of stairs and straight to her death.

9. Username: ochiva
Contestant's name: Raven
Fairy Tale: Bluebeard
Scene: The very moment when lord Bluebeard is ready to kill his wife (and last sentence).

Original text of this scene from “Bluebeard”

His wife knelt to implore:
"Please, please don't kill me. I'll never tell anyone what I saw! I'll never say a word!"
"Yes, you'll never say a word for eternity!" snarled Bluebeard, raising his knife. The poor girl screamed:
"Have pity on me!" But he fiercely replied:
"No! You must die!"
And that young lady completely lost all her sense of curiosity...

Alternate text of this scene from me

His wife knelt to implore:
"Please, please don't kill me. I'll never tell anyone what I saw! I'll never say a word!"
"All my brides are the same! Woman's curiosity ruins my life again and again. Imagine what it's like to be in my place!" snarled Bluebeard, raising the magic key.

Suddenly, the beautiful golden hair of his wife turned blue and an ugly beard covered her face. The poor girl screamed:
"Oh, my face, my face! Have pity on me! Even death is less cruel than this blue beard!" But he fiercely replied:

"No! You must learn your lesson until sundown! Then your face will be right again. But from now on don't even try lie to me or this blue beard will be yours forever!"
And that young lady completely lost all her sense of curiosity...

10. Username: doodlepony
Contestant's name: Vladimir
Fairy Tale: Hansel and Gretel
Scene: Hansel, and his sister Gretel, overheard two birds talking of a house not too far from theirs that was made entirely of sweets. Their parents, being of great wealth, have given the children everything they had ever desired since they were born and had spoiled them rotten. Although, the one thing the children did not have was a house made of sweets. So being greedy and ungrateful, they decided to run away to find and devour it.

Here's a link to the original story for comparison:

11. Username: moeeeh
Contestant's name: Luka
Fairy Tale: Snow White
Scene: Snow White decided she had done enough cleaning, tidying up and other house chores while living with the dwarfs, and spent most of her days watching daytime TV, playing Singstar and chatting with friends.

12. Username: heartdaisy
Contestant's name: Edward
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Scene: Those stones....Who is this fair maiden?
"Who is this fair maiden?" the king's son wondered. When any one asked her to dance, he said as before, "This lady is dancing with me." He stared at the stones in her hair all evening, even after the dancings were done. The stones were the same kind as the ones on his shirt that evening, and they were the rare stones that only he possess--stones that he once shared with a childhood playmate--playmate whom he never received visitations from again since his aunt passed away. Now when night came she wanted to go home; and the king's son [he] would go with her, but she managed to slip away from him, though in such a hurry that she dropped her slipper upon the stairs...


13. Username: hera_and_kira
Contestant's name: Gabriel
Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Scene: The prince finds the tower, and Rapunzel lets down her hair.

14. Username: cruella_just_me
Contestant's name: Dorian
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Scene: It's 12 o'clock. Cinderella runs away from the castle, because the spell will break and looses one of her army boots, the prince picks it up. it's the only link he has between him and the girl of his dreams, he doesn't even know her name.

15. Username: ccbychlaz
Contestant's name: 平子 雄次郎/Yuujirou Hirako
Fairy Tale: Rumpelstilzchen ( Rumpelstiltskin )

Original Excerpt

... When the girl was alone the little man appeared for the third time, and said: "What'll you give me if I spin the straw for you once again?" "I've nothing more to give," answered the girl. "Then promise me when you are Queen to give me your first child." "Who knows what may not happen before that?" thought the miller's daughter; and besides, she saw no other way out of it, so she promised the manikin what he demanded, and he set to work once more and spun the straw into gold. ...

Twisted Scene:

"Then promise me when you are Queen to give me your first child... not the King's, but mine."

16. Username: april418
Contestant's name: Deux
Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty
Scene: "Then he raced to the tower where Aurora lay sleeping. He kissed her. Aurora's eyes opened slowly. She was awake! Aurora was overjoyed to learn that the young mas she had met in the forest was really the prince she had been promised to at birth." - excerpt from Disney's Sleeping Beauty
When Aurora was awakened, instead of being happy to see the prince, she got mad that she wanted to punch him.

17. Username: requiemart
Contestant's name: Bill
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Scene: The shoe-trying on scene: An admirer or shoes, the Prince had amassed quite a collection of beautiful, dainty slippers but had the misfortune of a kingdom full of maidens with type 1 or 2 feet.

18. Username: CornflowerBlue
Contestant's name: Edward
Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beauty
Scene: The Prince arrives to awaken Sleeping Beauty with a kiss but someone else got there first

19. Username: grotesqa
Contestant's name: Cayenne
Fairy Tale: Rapunzel
Scene: Of when the Prince comes to the foot of the tower, calling out to Rapunzel.

20. Username: Gilraen Aclamense
Contestant's name: Dorian Blake
Fairy tale: The shoe elves
Scene: The elves destroy shoes

21. Username: kaoko_cow
Contestant's name: Wills
Fairy Tale: Rumpelstiltskin
Scene: Rumpelstiltskin spins straw into gold.

22. Username: tiglem
Contestant's name: Austin
Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Scene: The prince discovers Cinderella's missing glass slipper. This leads him to find Cinderella, who has, unfortunately, been robbed of her jewelry and shot dead.

23. Username: xosweetlime
Contestant's name: Rafael
Fairy Tale: Sleeping "Beauty" ---> Sleeping "Ugly"
Scene: As though led by a hand in the complete silence, the Prince finally reached the room where the not-so-beautiful Princess lay fast asleep. For a long time he stood gazing at her face, so hideous, so unkempt, simply horrid, and he felt spring to his heart that love he had always been searching for and never found....

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