lovehaze♡ (lovehaze) wrote in taeyang_quarter,

TQ: ROUND 3 PRIZE - OOAK outfit from Ambitious Love

Taeyang Quarterly OOAK Prize Set #3 by Ambitious Love Boutique:

Full set:

It includes 9 items:

- Skull hat (lined inside with gray/black checkered pattern)
- Double sided bandanna
- Black t-shirt
- Black and white striped long sleeve shirt
- Military Jacket (with pins)
- Belt with chains
- Slim-fit stone washed jeans
- Skull print Converse chucks
- Small skull

More views:

The lucky winner of this round will receive this awesome outfit, as well as the other prizes specified in this post.

All pictures courtesy of Ambitious Love.

Thank you again for your generous contribution Lisa!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The guidelines for challenge 3 have been further defined-please make sure you've seen the updated post here.
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