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TQ: ROUND 3 - Challenge 2 entries!

Results will be posted on August 6th, as will the next challenge: only 25 out of 32 contestants will make it to the second challenge!

1. Username: blaireflair
Contestant's name: Crete
Time period: Edo era Japan

2. Username: deadlynova
Contestant's name: Alabaster
Time period: 1960's

3. Username: plastiqphantasy
Contestant's name: Dakota
Time period: 19th Century American Old West

4. Username: Christopher Fritz
Contestant's name: Daniel MacGuinness
Time period: Highlands of Scotland, Post-World War I (after the Scotland Highlands lost much of its young male population in war)

A note on the "special effects" of this photograph: The "ghost" effect was done completely without any additional software, on a computer or in-camera. It was done taking only one, single photograph. The effect was created by taking an eight second exposure, and removing Daniel from the scene half-way through the exposure, causing him to be half-there and half-not-there.

5. Username: fancylala143
Contestant's name: Kagami
Time period: Japan's Edo Period (1603 - 1868)

6. Username: nuwandalice
Contestant's name: Pip
Time period: Ancient Egypt

7. Username: yukittie
Contestant's name: Damien
Time period: The beginning, Adam and Eve

8. Username: nightfallsdolls
Contestant's name: Kei
Time period: the 70s

9. Username: magnetic_rose
Contestant's name: Saotome Junichi (Nickname: Hime)
Time period: 1970's London Punk

10. Username: runawaydolly
Contestant's name: Lucian
Time period: 80's

11. Username: ochiva
Contestant's name: Raven
Time period: Japan, age of Heian (794-1185). This photo is based on japanese classic "Genji monogatari" of Murasaki Sikibu.

12. Username: doodlepony
Contestant's name: Vladimir
Time period: 1930's America

13. Username: yuhime
Contestant's name: Allan
Time period: Edo/Tokugawa Period

14. Username: moeeeh
Contestant's name: Luka
Time period: 1970s

15. Username: heartdaisy
Contestant's name: Edward
Time Period: 2nd Century AD

16. Username: aurons_girl
Contestant's name: Bruce
Time period: The 60's

17. Username: hera_and_kira
Contestant's name: Gabriel
Time period: 1789-1799

18. Username: cruella_just_me
Contestant's name: Dorian
Time period: 90's

19. Username: ccbychlaz
Contestant's name: 平子 雄次郎/Yuujirou Hirako
Time period: 平安時代 / Heian Period (794 - 1185)

20. Username: april418
Contestant's name: Deux
Time period: Prehistoric/Stone Age

21. Username: requiemart
Contestant's name: Bill
Time period: Stone Age

22. Username: sekai_kitai
Contestant's name: Shi
Time period: 1970s, Punk era (Britain)

23. Username: phantomwings86
Contestant's name: Ryder
Time period: Mid 1300s Knight

24. Username: CornflowerBlue
Contestant's name: Edward
Time period: Silent Film Era (early 1910s - 1920s)

25. Username: grotesqa
Contestant's name: Cayenne
Time period: 1980

26. Username: daydream_may
Contestant's name: Holden
Time period: 1990's

27. Username: thecheeseturkey
Contestant's name: Nauralad
Time period: Victorian 1837-1901

28. Username: Gilraen Aclamense
Contestant's name: Dorian Blake
Time period: 1850-1920 - The cancan

29. Username: kaoko_cow
Contestant's name: Wills
Silent Film Era (1888-1929)

30. Username: chrissyasaurus
Contestant's name: Pierce
Time period: 1980s

31. Username: tiglem
Contestant's name: Austin
Time period: Early 1900s

32. Username: xosweetlime
Contestant's name: Rafael
Time period: 1970's (john travolta style)

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